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Who We Are


The Anti Counterfeiting Collaboration, Nigeria (‘ACC, Nigeria’) is a non-political, non-governmental, non-profit making coalition, which was conceived in October 2006 with the aim of bringing brand owners, enforcement agencies and interested parties together, to form an effective ‘opposition party’ against counterfeiters, infringers and pirates in Nigeria.

Membership of, or attendance at the ACC, Nigeria is not open to individuals and, or organisations involved with counterfeiting, infringement or piracy in any form or manner.

ACC organises meetings, seminars, conferences and training to foster cooperation and exchange of knowledge and information about counterfeiting. Co-operation with other national and international anti-counterfeiting groups and organisations with similar aims and objectives. Regular interaction with Government agencies and regulatory bodies involved with anti-counterfeiting. Researching and gathering global information regarding the extent, cost and dangers of counterfeiting.

Our Objectives

  • To create awareness of the importance of effective intellectual property protection to prevent counterfeiting, infringement and piracy of all goods and services in Nigeria.
  • To disseminate knowledge and information about counterfeiting, infringement and piracy, and ways of combating it in order to raise public awareness about the problem as well as to educate and inform.
  • To facilitate the introduction of effective measures to reduce and eradicate counterfeiting, infringement and piracy, through co-operation of governmental agencies and law enforcement officers in Nigeria.
  • To encourage brand owners to enter into joint initiatives and information sharing to report and assist each other in protecting their intellectual property rights.
  • Gathering global information on fight against counterfeit products.
  • Meet to discuss trials, triumphs and plan future action.
  • Promoting intellectual property law reform through public and private sector participation.
  • To facilitate initiatives to support Government agencies to increase raids, searches, seizures and destruction of counterfeit goods.
  • To meet monthly to share information and plan future action.
  • To promote intellectual property law reform in Nigeria and to ensure that legislation is updated and comparable to international legislation providing greater protection of intellectual property rights.
  • To participate and support programs aimed at educating the Nigerian judiciary in respect of intellectual property matters.
  • In pursuing its objectives, the coalition will always seek to complement rather than replicate the existing services and efforts provided by its members and government agencies.



ACC has made some significant achievements in the past 10 years. These achievements include the following.

  • Championing and leading the fight against counterfeiting and piracy in Nigeria,
    Working with various organizations (e.g. the US Consulate in Nigeria) to carry out anti-counterfeiting campaigns,
  • Signing MOU with NAFDAC on behalf of our members,
  • Yearly policy & capacity building Roundtables for Regulators and stakeholders,
    Training for various key Regulatory Agencies,
  • Pushing for the reform of Intellectual Property Laws in Nigeria (the passing into law of the IPCOM Bill) to mention a few.

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